Ekki Gera Fikniefnum


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Active since 1996, starting with his infallible Bluesanct label, Michael Anderson channeled his underground creative vision into Drekka with extensive touring of the United States and Europe, audio & visual collages, and related musical projects such as 4K, Turn Pale, and lovesliescrushing. Drekka's first installation, Ekki Gera Fikniefnum, within his recent trilogy series runs sonically parallel alongside the groundbreaking Edward Artemiev's soundtracks for Andrei Tarkovsky and Simon Fischer Turner's abstractions for Derek Jarman, while creatively aligned with Drekka's contemporaries such as Nurse With Wound and Coil. Ethereral portraits that take on a tranquil lullaby quality, layered and textured, deconstructed and rebuilt to cause a quiet discomfort.  Utilising Drekka's own endless personal sound library in a manner unique to only to Anderson, these compositions are arranged more like a film montage...showing us a glimpse into Drekka's visionary world.

The album title "Ekki Gera Fikniefnum" is a mistranslation from English to Icelandic for 'Don't do drugs', which always seems to amuse Icelanders to no end.  In similar fashion, the inventive expressions found on Drekka's recent album are typically mistranslated, creating a playful feedback loop that propels Drekka's  uncharted future. 

Release Date: February 25, 2014


  • Black Vinyl LP | 300 edition