Cold Showers



After the release of Motionless, Cold Showers returned to studios of KXLU 88.9 FM to take part in another live session. For this performance, Cold Showers mix up new versions their latest singles, "Shine" and "Faith", coupled with familiar portrayal of the 2015 single "Plantlife". Adding to the session are new live studio versions of "Whatever You Want" and "Only Human", both featured on Cold Showers sophomore album, Matter of Choice.

07.13.19 cassettes were printed by Jeff Fribourg at Deemed Printable with a single color risograph technique, an environmentally friendly stencil duplicator that uses soy based ink and rice paper sheets to produce unique prints. Printed onto uncoated vellum Bristol paper, allowing the print to be fine to the touch and reminiscent of a silk screen process with a Xerox feel.

This is the third release in a live series, following 06.20.13 and 11.25.12.

Release Date: July 3, 2020


  • Cassette | 200 edition


  1. Only Human (07.13.19)
  2. Whatever You Want (07.13.19)
  3. Shine (07.13.19)
  4. Plantlife (07.13.19)
  5. Faith (07.13.19)