King Dude

Love Cassette


A rare glimpse at King Dude’s upcoming LP entitled “Love”, this cassette edition was only available during his 2011 late summer European tour, making for one of the most rare and special releases Dais has displayed to showcase one of the most endearing albums of 2011. Dark pagan-fueled folk wrapped tight with outsider Americana, steeped in themes of love, death and redemption. Occult-like enchantment drown in a reverberated hall of  doomsday prophecy, only to be handed down by King Dude’s almost biblical delivery. Devilishly rural offerings of symbolic sacrifice not to be unraveled until the preacher’s hand waivers. With newly revised artwork by TJ Cowgill exclusive only to this release and such short-lived run, this talisman served to be one of the most elusive documents in the Dais catalog. Limited to 100 copies.