Italian Horn

Appendix Fourteen Cassette


Exclusive three song bonus ep only available through the Dais webshop as a special inclusion for the Red Affair pre-orders.  These were later songs written at the same time as The Bells of Spring, composed with what welded the framework of Italian Horn as a live unit. Unrehearsed and released as an limited cassette that captured every haunting lo-fi indie riff one could hope for, drowning out all the clutter and shoots straight off the cliff into the cavernous beyond. Hazy, blissed-out patterns continue out muddied window of desire and isolation, never fully coming to form…just as Italian Horn intended. Synthetic guitar anthems and subtle noise intertwine with short, matter-of-fact songwriting selected with washed out shoegaze reverb ambiance creating direct but layered, lo-fi soundscape. Limited to 75 copies.