Brown Sierra

Brown Sierra is a performing duo whose work remains resolutely analogue in a scene where digital sound is quickly becoming the new norm. The two members Pia Gambardella and Paddy Collins originally performed under the name Musica Scroc, and although the project has developed through many different stages, the use of analog electronics remains the one constant factor throughout the band’s evolution. As part of their dedication to an unadulterated electronic ethos, Brown Sierra incorporates many self-built instruments into its sound, even experimenting with doorbells, car horns, and field recordings. The band has also explored visual accompaniment that mirrors their raw analog attitude in the form of Super-8 film and slide projections. In 2010, Brown Sierra linked up with Andrew King, an experimental musician known for his large body of recordings that range over a multitude of genres, to record a four song collaborative EP titled The Kraken, put out by Dais Records.