Andrew King

Andrew King has been part of the London post-industrial scene since the early 1990’s, initially as a visual artist, and later, from 1996 onwards as a recording artist in his own right. King’s early visual art compositions consisted of mainly figurative, emblematic paintings, which led him to do illustrative work for a number of Post-Industrial/neo-folk bands of the early 90’s, including L’Orchestra Noir, Current 93, Ernte, and Sol Invictus. King moved to London in 1995, where he began experimenting with traditional songwriting, at first merely to complement the paintings he was working on at the time. Over the next decade, King would go on to issue over ten albums and EPs and appear on over twenty compilations. His recordings range over a wide spectrum of genres and include unaccompanied folk songs, medieval ballads, dark ambient hymns, and electro-acoustic anthems. After releasing music on a wide variety of labels, King teamed up with Dais in 2010 to deliver a collaborative EP with Brown Sierra titled The Kraken.