Xeno & Oaklander

Xeno & Oaklander are a minimal electronics duo (Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride of Martial Canterel) based in Brooklyn, New York. As artists, they have been deeply involved in the analog synth community since 2004 (the release of their debut Vigils LP on Xanten), and have helped promote and inspire the revival of synth wave in the US and throughout the world through their extensive touring and prolific output.

Following their debut on Xanten, they released the Sentinelle and Sets & Lights albums on Wierd before signing on to Ghostly, where they unveiled their widely acclaimed albums Par Avion and Topiary, introducing their innovative mastery of analog synth production to a wider audience.  During the Ghostly album sessions, the duo also recorded Movements and Movements 2 commissioned by the National Center for the Arts, Grenoble, and Ecole du Magasin: an inspirational 35 minute piece recorded live and inspired by travel in space and time. 2017 saw their most recent effort, the Moonlight single on Ghostly, originally released as a split single with Chris und Tina by Electronic Sound Magazine UK.

Xeno & Oaklander record their songs and film scores in their Brooklyn studio and are known for their commitment to recording on and performing on analogue synthesizers exclusively. They perform both at art institutions and music venues worldwide, and have performed at SF Moma, PS1 Warm Up, Miami Art Basel, Kunsthalle Zürich & the New Museum NY with sold out shows at Echoplex LA, Elsewhere NY & El Club Detroit.

Sean McBride has created original music for artists Dara Birnbaum, Lucy McKenzie & Richard Kern, Jonah Freeman, and as Xeno & Oaklander for artist Fabian Marti. Their latest remixes are for British legend John Foxx and the Maths & LA band Froth.

We are proud to announce that Xeno & Oaklander's sixth album will be released on Dais Records in the spring of 2019.

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