Thee Majesty

Thee Majesty is a spoken word/sparse noise/ambient project formed by Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and Bryin Dall (Hirsute Pursuit, A Murder Of Angels) in 1998. Thee Majesty is a platform upon which P-Orridge can unleash semi-freeform orations, poetry, and her own insights under which layers of Dall’s guitar, sample soundscapes, and unusual instrumentation set the tone, with guest musicians often contributing musically as well. The band rarely played live, only appearing at a handful of sporadic festivals, art events, and intimate venues in Europe and the US, and released very few original studio albums. In 2014, Dais released a six-song LP that consists of recordings from Thee Majesty’s live performance at The Pezner Theater in Villeurbanne, France in 1999, which features a guest appearance by legendary instrumentalist Mark Cunningham (Mars, John Gavanti). This unique live document captures Thee Majesty at its most flexible — changing tone and structure at a moment’s notice and harmonizing the abstract poetry of P-Orridge’s ingenious wordplay with Dall’s meditative and complex drone-like instrumentation.