The Cakekitchen

Formed in 1988 in New Zealand, The Cakekitchen is the art rock outfit of multi-instrumentalist Graeme Jefferies. Originally a two-piece consisting of Jefferies on guitar and vocals and Robert Key on drums, the band evolved into a more easily palatable 3-piece lineup with the inclusion of young Auckland bass player Rachael King. Together they toured New Zealand three times, recorded two albums worth of material, and made a healthy impact on the New Zealand music scene before going their separate ways in April of 1990. Jefferies and The Cakekitchen continued on with different lineups and relocated multiple times to different countries including England, France, Holland, and Germany. They went on to release a total of 9 full-length albums throughout the span of their career, producing some of the most expressive and unique music to come out of New Zealand and Europe during the 90’s.

Soon after teaming up with The Cakekitchen in 2016, Dais pressed re-issues of the band’s first two albums – Time Flowing Backwards and World of Sand. A diverse and inspiring album, Time Flowing Backwards was originally mastered at Abbey Road by Steve Rooke (who would later re-master The Beatles catalog), and the album would go on to solidify and promote the growing underground 80’s New Zealand rock scene. It turned a generation of devoted followers on to Jefferies’ exceedingly graceful, atmospheric, and poetic songs, led by his unmistakably commanding baritone voice. The band’s sophomore LP World of Sand, is just as layered, complex, and darkly beautiful as their debut album, and features pounding piano, maddening viola, numerous tape splices, and oddball musical passages, as well as several pieces that were recorded at home on a four track which lent a lo-fi, dark, and intimate feeling to the album. Both albums have been out of print and difficult to obtain since their original vinyl pressings on Homestead Records in 1991, and Dais is proud to present re-mastered editions of 500 copies each, making these albums available to old fans once again while at the same time introducing them to new listeners.