Frank Alpine

Los Angeles, CA

About Frank Alpine

Frank Alpine is the minimal synth project of Los Angeles based musician Rich Moreno. As a veteran of LA’s underground punk and darkwave scenes, as well as a previous member of New Collapse and The Boy Scouts of Annihilation, Moreno has called upon his resume to create a harsh and abrasive minimal synth sound consumed by jarring Casio synths and penetrating drum machine rhythms. Frank Alpine put out its first single Night Tripper with Dais in 2009, and went on to put out its self-titled LP on the late Wierd Records in 2011. Somewhere between the relentless aggression of No Wave and the minimalistic precision of 80s minimal synth, Frank Alpine brands his own style of pared-down electronics with a clashing imprint that is as sharp and machine-like as it is cerebral and distinctly humanistic.