DBC (Dangerous Boys Club)

The Dangerous Boy’s Club or DBC is a dark electronic band that blends punk and hardcore with pure analog tour de force. DBC has the lips of a killer, the unholy choir of the repentant, and a glamour cast from gold. Known for their past history in outfits such as Heroin, Antioch Arrow and Get Hustle, DBC released their debut album Vril on Fast Weapons Records which awoke followers out of their comas. DBC then brought their fans up to the altar with their follow-up LP, Pris, put out by Dais in 2013.

DBC’s dark electro-disco laser light show draws blood from Roxy Music, Suicide, Sparks, and Crash Worship, and is a listening experience that blends together sex, witchcraft, love, and possession. By purposefully making each action hypnotic and romantic, DBC holds each of its tracks to the highest standard. With Aaron Montaigne (Heroin/ Antioch Arrow) at the helm and Mac Mann (Get Hustle/ Antioch Arrow) using handmade custom instrumentation triggered by his own mysterious “PULSE” device, each track by DBC blends italo-disco stylings with glam violence, and is melded together by the brute force of Montaigne and Mann’s punk and hardcore backgrounds. This sacramental electro synth-rock outfit is not from this world, nor of this time, but DBC knew exactly what we needed to hear.