Cold Showers

Cold Showers

Cold Showers, a band formed in Highland Park, California in 2010, fuses the brash power of their shoegaze pedigree with the smoky compulsions of their post-punk and no-wave ancestors. Cold Showers would fit in well amongst their idols on the Factory or early Rough Trade back catalog, but blend in perfectly with the unique foliage of the Dais Records roster.

After releasing singles on Mexican Summer and Art Fag Records, Cold Showers signed with Dais Records and released their debut LP Love and Regret in the summer of 2012. With driving bass lines, hypnotic guitar riffs, tom-heavy drums, and deep melodic vocals, Love and Regret was met with a storm of industry praise and critical acclaim. This high applause was followed by successful tours with The Soft Moon and Veronica Falls, after which Cold Showers began crafting new songs in a more pop-oriented direction. These songs started to take demonstrational form in a handful of singles and live cassette releases on Dais until the band decided to hunker down in the studio to formalize the songs found on their sophomore album, Matter of Choice.

Rather than imitating the sound on their first LP, Matter of Choice is decidedly a step away from their early material towards a more polished and distinct sound. Matter of Choice sees the band step up to the plate with more pop sensibility, without fully relinquishing themselves from their piston-precision rhythm section and gloomy post-punk hooks. While having deep roots in that nostalgic 80s sound, Cold Showers have evolved towards a sonic originality that is distinctively their own, and have paved the way for their contemporaries to do the same.

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