Cold Cave

Cold Cave is the solo project of LA and NYC-based musician Wesley Eisold. Previously the vocalist in numerous other projects including Give Up The Ghost, Some Girls, XO Skeletons, and Ye Olde Maids, Eisold has gone on to release four full-length albums and a sizable number of singles and EP’s under the Cold Cave moniker. Eisold focused mainly on his role as a vocalist in his early projects, but by 2007 began working more with synthesizers and software, and embarked on his own to create Cold Cave. Falling somewhere between darkwave, goth, noise, and synthpop, Cold Cave transposes dark nihilism and gloomy despair onto Nitzer Ebb beats and New Order-like melodies. This seemingly dark sound is juxtaposed against Eisold’s positive outlook on life. The contrasts clash elegantly as the listener is taken on a journey of sonic transcendence through the dark and into the light.

In 2008 Cold Cave teamed up with Dais to release a three song EP titled The Trees Grew Emotions And Died. In 2015, label and artist joined forces once more to release a three-song 7” collaboration between Cold Cave, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and Black Rain titled Rebellion Is Over. Originally released as a limited edition cassette to commemorate the three artists’ July 22nd live performance at The Wick in Brooklyn, NY, the cassette was available exclusively at this show and sold out immediately.