Beastianity is a experimental collective from the rural outback of New South Wales, Australia. Their first and only album, Root, was originally released in Australia 1999 on CD via Praise Dog Production. Originally captivated by the band after hearing a standout track on The Pact compilation, Dais Records was eager to hear more from this mysterious Australian outfit. While information on the band was scarce, eventually Dais got in contact with them, set up a vinyl re-issue of their coveted debut album, and released it in 2010. Root is a purely pagan classic, and hands down one of the rawest and most uncompromising albums of theĀ genre. Renown for their wild performances featuring massive feedback outbursts, tape loops, and potential on-stage violence, Beastianity has somehow managed to capture that energy in 12 tracks of unrelenting rapture.