Annabelle's Garden

Annabelle’s Garden was an underground goth-wave/neo-folk band from Hamburg, Germany, most active between 1987 and 1997. Although the band rarely played live (and when they did so, performed in intimate venues or outdoor settings), they were steadily building up a large collection of recordings and self-releasing these on cassette as well as distributing them via various indie European labels. Eventually, these early cassette recordings were compiled and presented to the world in the early and mid-90s on two CD releases by Patrick Leagas (of Death In June & Sixth Comm) on his acclaimed Kenaz label. Often compared to contemporaries like Death in June, Sol Invictus, or Current 93 (they also toured extensively with Sixth Comm), Annabelle’s Garden’s sound falls somewhere between neo-psychedelic, punk, new wave, and goth. You can likewise hear respect given to This Mortal Coil, The Cure, and The Wake; they would have fit in well amongst bands on World Serpent, 4AD, and Factory Records. 

Very little was known about Annabelle’s Garden outside of Europe during the years that they were active. Even if you were lucky enough to have heard of them during this time, their releases were still extremely hard to find and extremely limited in their pressings. Dais is proud to have unearthed this lost gem and present a gorgeous limited gatefold double LP titled Time’s No Measure 1987-1993, comprised of not only the original Kenaz release from 1993, but also the tracks from the band’s first cassette release. Also included in the track list is a special never-before-heard remix of their classic anthem “If,” as well as a full-color 12-page booklet with photos, liner notes, detailed track information, and a complete history of the band.