After releasing their debut LP on Dais in the summer of 2010, Sasha Grey, Ian Cinnamon and Pablo St. Francis grouped together under the banner of aTelecine once again, this time composing the recent soundtrack to the English/German film Entkopplung . The film itself is a highly esoteric science fiction labyrinth in the shape of Phillip K. Dick meets William s Burroughs. “The surreality of certain dreams, or the intense attraction of a perplexity of new impressions in real life.” Recorded and mixed in a marathon four day live to tape session using the mammoth 226 page script and the existing 30 minutes of completed footage as a scoring template, the music is dark, paranoid and claustrophobic echoing the themes in the film. This electronic score should be heard as a separate but yet equal vehicle to the film, an experience the listener should not worry about it altering the later cinematic encounter. Sonically it’s mission is complex and none vocal, purely enriching the narrative…and melodically creating all the necessary in-between nightmare illustrations. 

Release Date: September 18, 2012


  • Clear Green Vinyl LP | 500 edition