Supporting Artists in the Age of Covid-19 March 19, 2020 18:21



On March 20th Bandcamp waived their fee, and we directed 100% of all Bandcamp sales to our artists. We are extending this through this coming Friday the 27th, sending all bandcamp sales directly to the creators of the music we love!

Now is a GREAT time to support!

Over the last two weeks we have (alongside all of you) been adjusting to life in this strange new reality of isolation, social distancing, anxiety and caution. In an effort to support our artists (and our extended family and friends) who's tours have been cancelled, schedules compromised, and income threatened, we've compiled direct-links to artist merch and sales pages.

Several artists (ADULT., Aaron Dilloway, and Cold Showers to name a few) released new digital singles today, Tempers is selling their tour-exclusive tees from Europe, Wes Eisold has a new book out today, etc - and several links are to direct merch/art shops - please check them out!

ADULT., Tempers, Body of Light, Riki, HIDE, Hiro Kone, Cold Cave, Choir Boy, Pod Blotz, Raf Irisarri, SRSQ, Youth Code ALL HAD tourdates or events cancelled.  Consider visiting them while you browse and show some love.

Thank you! Gibby & Ryan / DAIS


Dais Records Bandcamp


Aaron Dilloway Bandcamp

ADULT. Bandcamp

Alessandro Cortini Bandcamp

Body of Light Bandcamp

Choir Boy Bandcamp

Choir Boy's Merch Store

Chris Brokaw Bandcamp

Cold Cave Bandcamp

Cold Showers Bandcamp

David First Bandcamp

DBC Bandcamp

Death Bells Bandcamp

Death Of Lovers Bandcamp

DIN Bandcamp (Greg from HFF w/ Josie)

Drab Majesty Bandcamp

Drab Majesty Merch Store

Drekka Bandcamp

Drew McDowall Bandcamp

Harassor Bandcamp

Heartworm (Wes Eisold) Shop

Heather Gabel's (HIDE) Online Store (Art, Collages)

HIDE Bandcamp

HIDE's Merch Store

High-Functioning Flesh Bandcamp

Hiro Kone Bandcamp

JH1.FS3 Bandcamp

Kai Tak (Chris King of Cold Showers) Bandcamp

Little Annie Anxiety Bandcamp

Martial Canterel Bandcamp

Maurizio Bianchi Bandcamp

Merzbow + Hexa Bandcamp

Newboy Bandcamp (Greg from HFF)

Nocturnal Projections Bandcamp

Physical Wash Bandcamp (Sue from HFF)

Pod Blotz Bandcamp

Private World Bandcamp

Psychic TV Bandcamp

Psychic TV3/PTV3 Bandcamp

Rafael Anton Irisarri Bandcamp

Riki Bandcamp

Scout Paré-Phillips Bandcamp

SONOIO Bandcamp

Spahn Ranch Bandcamp

SRSQ Bandcamp

Stephen Mallinder Bandcamp

Tempers Bandcamp

Them Are Us Too Bandcamp

Tor Lundvall Bandcamp

Tor Lundvall Art For Sale

VR SEX Bandcamp

Wetware Bandcamp

Xeno & Oaklander Bandcamp

Youth Code Bandcamp


A list of links to experimental musicians affected by the recent outbreak.


    MusiCares / Grammy Covid19 Relief Fund
      Sweet Relief Covid19 Artist Fund