King Dude "Love" LP


King Dude
Dark pagan-fueled folk wrapped tight with outsider Americana, steeped in themes of love, death and redemption.  King Dude was initially projected forth using his Actual Pain vehicle for his metaphysical leaning and occultist tendencies.  Reverent as it is prophetic and stark, King Dude has previously swooned audiences with releases on Avant!, Bathetic and Clan Destine, now his masterpiece album on Dais pulls together the biblical sound and isolation of the northwest.  Stepping forward alone, King Dude has now toured across America, as well as a highly successful European tour this year…an atmosphere filled with hope and salvation, drawing sound influence akin to Death In June & Sol Invictus but sewing together a hybrid of true folk tradition alongside Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash.  Designed by T.J. Cowgill. Limite dto 500 hand-numbered copies.

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