Genesis P-Orridge & Stan Bingo "What's History" LP


Genesis P-Orridge & Stan Bingo
- What’s History
Originally released as a cassette on the cryptic Austrian tape label, Nekrophile, in 1983, this simplistic experimental recording was a industrial classic ahead of it’s time.  Recorded in 1981 in the Hackney bedroom of Genesis P-Orridge, who at this point was romping through his final months in seminal industrial act Throbbing Gristle and sketching out what would be Psychic TV. Done as a spur of the ‘improvisational’ moment, Genesis was accompanied by then TG documentarian and video artist Stan Bingo to try out some new musical equipment and spun into a unplanned composition.  This original recording, due to the scarcity of its original format was somewhat forgotten, only to be coveted by collectors. Limited to 500 copies.

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