Remembering the beloved Cash Askew. December 05, 2016 22:04

Cash Askew was an absolutely loved and treasured member of the Dais Records family. Since joining our label with bandmate Kennedy Ashlyn as "Them Are Us Too" in 2014, and through the release of their LP in 2015 followed by national tours and large performances, we were in awe of her talent, her gentle kindness, and her creative momentum.  In addition to Them Are Us Too, she pursued her solo musical projects Heavenly and Prist, and was an active artist and DJ in the bay area.  She was loved and admired by everyone she met, and her passing is an excruciating loss that we may never fully process or recover from. Our hearts and our prayers are with her family and close friends, and with the other victims of the Oakland tragedy.

If you'd like to help, please consider donating to one or all of the below funds in support of the victims and their families: